Kochi based International Chamber for Indian Music and Culture Center to promote artists


Kochi: The Inter National Chamber for Indian Music and Culture Center was inaugurated by Padma Shri KG Jayan (Jaya-Vijaya) and Kendra Sangeetha Nataka Academy Board Member Vayalar Sarath Chandravarma at the Trust’s 10th Anniversary Celebration held at the Tripunithura Kalikkota Palace. International Chamber for Indian Music and Culture Center has been launched by Parakkadath Koical Trust to promote Carnatic music, dance, veena and violin artists. The center is functioning with the approval of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi to benefit the non-resident artists as well as artists from India.PK Sajith Kumar, Settler and International Co-ordinator of the Trust, said that both non resident and resident  Indian artists and artists in India will benefit from  the Trust International. Padma Bhushan Dr.TV Gopalakrishnan was elected as the patron  of the International Chamber and Padmashri KG Jayan (Jaya-Vijaya), Tripunithura N. Radhakrishnan and Nedumangad Sivanandan were elected to the Chief Advisory Committee of the International Trust. Sridevi Varma, president of Parakkadath Koical Trust, announced that  Rajmohan Varma is appointed as the  Vice Chairman and Tripunithura KR Chandramohan (Music-Vocal), Devi Vasudevan Namboothiri (Veena), Idappalli Jayamohan (Violin), Tripunithura K.Kannan, (thaalavaadyam) and Dr. Jayaprakash Sharma (Art-Literature) as Heads of  various Departments.

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The International Chamber for Indian Music & Culture was launched by Parakkadath Koical Trust. The Trust has been conducting Karnataka classical music programs for the past 10 years. The Trust has also  conducted 12 hour long International Ganesha Music Festival covering more than 10 countries in hybrid model (live – online) during the  last 3 years. The trust honours musicians every year with the Tripunithura  Aasthana Vidwan award. Trust General Convener Sanjay Verma  informed that as part of Vision 2030, Trust has started its  Medical Division, Service Division and Technical Division

[Sreedevi Anil has been into Carnatic music for nearly 28 to 30 years but it’s only recently that she got an opportunity to perform for an international audience. “So far I have been teaching students and performing at the local level but the experience of being on stage, performing live for international audience sitting at Tripunithira is an altogether different experience,” said Sreedevi. This international exposure has also benefited her professionally as now she has inquiries to perform abroad besides international students showing interest in joining her classes online. There are many others like her who are set to benefit with the  International Chamber for Indian Music and Culture Center.]