IBMC launches Global Innovative and Economic Empowerment Platform from UAE


The Industries Integrated International Trade-Flow System, a pioneering private sector initiative in the UAE for Global Economic Empowerment, supporting projects and trade.

International Trade Flow System to bolster non-oil sector diversification for SMEs, corporates and MNCs.

To launch Global Multi-Asset Exchange (Stocks, Commodities, and Currency) project, a new model focusing on increasing trade.



IBMC, the UAE-based financial services consultancy and eMarket Place Trade Flow Service Providers, has launched an innovative Integrated International Trade-Flow System, an innovative platform connecting 100+ countries and 30+ sectors to empower economies, industries and corporates supporting their projects and trades.

The project was launched as part of IBMC Vision 2025 at a ceremony held at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, in the presence of ministers, diplomats, senior representatives of MNCs, large corporate entities, and invited guests from industries.

The system will enable Gulf countries to boost growth in the non-oil sector and empower SMEs, large and medium-sized corporates and MNCs to explore international markets using the best-in-class industry practices.  A streamlined five-step compliance procedure has also been  prescribed to enhance international trust for attracting global partners and investors.

The Industries Integrated International Trade-Flow System has over 15 corporations empaneled from more than 15 industry sectors.

As part of its Vision 2025, IBMC will also launch a global multi-assets exchange (stocks, commodities and currency), a unique model from the UAE, designed to increase exports, imports and re-exports by utilizing highly compliant stock and commodity exchange platform, enabling dual listing and commodity listing.

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The Chief Guest, H.E. Humaid Ben Salem, Secretary General of the Federal Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce and Industry officially inaugurated IBMC’S Industries International Trade-Flow System in the presence of   H.E. Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed Al Hamed, Group Chairman of IBMC International; Mr. Sajith Kumar P.K., Group CEO & Managing Director of IBMC; and H.E. Hon. Henry Jons Amuli MP, Minister for Commerce and Industry, Papua New Guinea, and diplomats and special guests.

Papua New Guinea was the first country to launch into the Industries Integrated International Trade-Flow System from the gold industry.

HummingbirdEV USA was the first corporation from the EV Industry, followed by SUSTAINOLOGY UAE for Carbon Credit.

The Industries Integrated International Trade-Flow System will prepare corporates in the Gulf countries to understand international norms and procedures for using the upcoming Exchange, thus enhancing their international business capabilities.

“For the past five years, IBMC has continuously worked towards supporting businesses of all classes, from startups to MNCs and listed companies, through various corporate awareness and empowerment programs and systems. This aligns with the changing economic scenario in the Gulf economies, focusing on non-oil growth in the post-Covid pandemic times to expand their markets internationally,” said Mr. Sajith Kumar, Group CEO & MD, the Strategist, Investment Manager & International Compliance Officer.

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“We are proud to introduce yet another innovative system to the global economies, industries, and corporates to empower them in the global open markets,” said HE Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Hamed, Group Chairman, industrialist, and influential UAE National in the UAE’s private sector.

Another initiative is the creation of sectoral companies. This initiative supports industries by adhering to the best industry practices and international standards, providing additional assistance to economies in empowering their industries with updated practices and policies.

HE Humaid Ben Salem, Secretary General of UAE Chambers and Chairman of ICC UAE, expressed his support for the initiative.

“Having successfully concluded five years of visionary planning, IBMC is now entering the implementation phase by launching the Industries Integrated International Trade-Flow System, a pioneering system from the private sector in the UAE,” said Mr. Sajith Kumar.

The projects under the IBMC Vision have been started jointly under the leaderships of HE Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Hamed, and Mr. Sajith Kumar P.K. The projects have been structured and implemented with a highly professional international team under the leadership of Mr. Sajith Kumar.

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The IBMC Vision 2022 Project Structuring Phase, a five-year endeavor, commenced in 2017 and culminated successfully in December 2022. This project was dedicated to bolstering the diversification of the non-oil sector in the Gulf countries, primarily through the UAE. Its overarching aim was to extend significant opportunities from the Gulf region to the global business community, including traders and investors. IBMC adopted a strategic and innovative approach to empower a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from startups and SMEs to multinational corporations. It sought to provide diverse opportunities for business, trade, and investment diversification. The project was propelled by a series of major and creative steps, including initiatives focused on industry awareness, corporate empowerment, and economic enablement.

IBMC’s Trade Flow emerged as a prominent portal that facilitated connections within the global business class during EXPO 2020 through the pavilions of respective countries. During EXPO 2020, IBMC actively supported participating countries in hosting economic forums, industry events, and industry roundtable discussions, aiming to attract business class, traders, and investors to their respective nations.