Go First employees flock to Air India



Indian aviation industry has hit a turbulent time. The recent bankruptcy of Go First left many of its employees hanging. And they feel Air India may be the only hope.


The Tata group, which bought back Air India from the government last year, is offering a new flight plan that includes hiring over 4,200 cabin crew and 900 pilots this year.

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The buzz around this opportunity is so intense that Go First pilots and cabin crew were on Thursday seen lining up outside a Tata group hotel near Delhi for walk-in interviews with Air India. Air India has already received over 700 applications in response to a recent job advertisement for pilots, with more expected in the future. Sister company Vistara also held interviews for cabin crew and pilots in Delhi and Mumbai.

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The pandemic has hit the Indian aviation industry hard, with airlines struggling to stay afloat as passenger numbers plummeted. However, with the easing of lockdown measures and the country’s massive population, demand for air travel is expected to soar. It’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes, with airlines scrambling to position themselves for the post-pandemic era.

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Go First Airline CEO is determined to bring the company back to life, but many employees are being swayed by the siren song of the Tata group’s job opportunities. After all, who wouldn’t want to trade choppy skies for a secure and steady flight?