Aries Group announces silver jubilee gift for employees, families


Sohan Roy, founder chairman and CEO of Aries Group, speaking at the company’s silver jubilee celebrations.


Non-Resident Indian businessman Sohan Roy, founder chairman and CEO of Aries Group, announced the “silver jubilee gift” for employees and their families. As a marine engineer-turned-businessman and filmmaker, Roy has emphasised the invaluable contribution of the employees and their supportive families to the company’s growth and success.

Headquartered in Sharjah, Aries Group of Companies is marking its 25th anniversary with a Dh13.4million reward for its employees and their families. In addition, the parents of 25 employees were flown into the UAE for the grand silver jubilee celebrations. “As we reflect on the past 25 years, we are grateful for the commitment and efficiency of our employees and their families who have supported them,” said Dr. Roy.

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Dr. Roy said the company has devised a mechanism to give away the reward to families of employees who have completed a minimum of five years with the group over a prescribed time period.

The invitation to the parents to attend the silver jubilee celebrations in Dubai and to tour the emirate was a token of appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the employees who have been with the company for three or more years.

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The parents of 25 employees of Aries Group were specially flown in to the UAE for the silver jubilee celebrations.


“We believe the success of any business is linked to its employees’ happiness. Initiatives such as inviting parents to the event and offering financial rewards to the whole family are a testament to this commitment. We are sure such initiatives will strengthen the bond between the employees and their families and foster a sense of pride in being part of the Aries Group family,” Dr. Roy said.

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Founded on 28th March 1998, Aries Group was started with its flagship unit, Aries Marine, and then eventually grew to become one of the largest multinational conglomerates in the Middle East with 59 companies operating in 25 countries across the world.